OCI Foundation Associate Practice Questions

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Which statement is true about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage service?

  1. It can store a finite amount of unstructured data, analytical data, and rich content.
  2. It enables you to store or retrieve data directly from the Internet.
  3. It does not support private access from OCI resources in a VCN through a service gateway.
  4. It is tied to a specific compute instance.

Answer : 2

Which capability enables you to search, purchase, and start using software in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy?

  1. OCI Resource Manager
  2. OCI OS Management
  3. OCI Marketplace
  4. OCT Registry.

Answer : 1

You want to use an orchestration service that can reduce time and cost to build modern cloud native applications. Which OCI service should you use for this?

  1. Data Science
  2. Data Flow
  3. Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)
  4. API Gateway.

Answer : 3

Which statement is true about an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute instance?

  1. It always gets a private IP address.
  2. It cannot leverage the auto-scaling feature.
  3. It does not use a boot volume.
  4. It always gets a public IP address.

Answer : 1

Which feature of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Identity and Access Management (IAM) service specifies authorization for various actions for authenticated Principals?

  1. Policy
  2. Policies
  3. Budgets
  4. Access to the console is guaranteed.

Answer : 1

What service is NOT available as part of Oracle Cloud Free Tier?

  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
  2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute
  3. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Data Warehouse
  4. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata DB Systems.

Answer : 4

Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service should you use to manage metadata support data governance?

  1. Data Flow
  2. Data Catalog
  3. Data Integration
  4. Data Science.

Answer : 2

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