8 Best Dividend Paying Stocks Under Rs. 100


Investors’ portfolios may face losses (not booked) during periods of high stock market volatility. High Dividend Paying Stocks Under Rs. 100 stocks can save one during these times. These stocks provide strong dividend yields that, in certain situations, are higher than the returns from fixed-rate investments.

Investors can receive consistent income from these high dividend-generating stocks even during difficult times. As a result, we’ll talk about some of the top 100-dollar dividend-paying companies in today’s article.

Dividend Paying Stocks under rs. 100

8 Best Dividend Paying Stocks under ₹100 in 2023

The following are the best dividend-paying stocks under ₹100 in 2022:

Sl NoStock PriceMarket Capital
1SJVN₹ 10,708.69 Cr.
2PTL Enterprises₹ 402.43 Cr.
3IRCON International Limited₹ 3,498.72 Cr.
4HUDCO₹ 7,106.75 Cr.
5NHPC₹ 32,194.34 Cr.
6CESC₹ 9,557.36 Cr.
7Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) Limited₹ 26,137.01 Cr.
8Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL)₹ 6,390.59 Cr.
Best Dividend Paying Stocks under 100

Following are the Dividend Paying Stocks Under Rs. 100 Which you can consider buying and add these in your portfolio.

1 – SJVN

Best Dividend Paying Stocks under 100

A corporation that generates hydroelectric power is SJVN Limited. Based on installed capacity, the firm produces more hydroelectric electricity than any other entity in India. The corporation is present in both conventional and unconventional energy sources. The company is worth $11,000 crore on the market. It generates a 13.1% return on equity.

The dividend yield, calculated using the current market price of 30, is 7.32%.

Market Cap₹ 10,708.69 Cr.
Sales Growth-8.01%

2 – PTL Enterprises

The production of tires is what PTL Enterprises does. Kerala is home to its manufacturing facilities. The business was established in 1959. Over the last five years, the company’s revenues have increased at a CAGR of 4% while its net profit increased at a CAGR of 6%. The company currently has a 459 crore market capitalization.

The dividend yield comes out to be 7.13 percent at the stock’s current price of 35.

Market Cap₹ 402.43 Cr.
Sales Growth-0.01%

3 – IRCON International Limited

Incorporated in 1976, IRCON International Limited is a railroad construction company. The business specialises in complete railroad project execution. The business offers real estate, engineering, procurement, and construction services, as well as project management consulting. About 81% of the company’s revenues originate from the railway industry, with the remaining 12% coming from the highway industry. Additionally, domestic projects account for 92% of the company’s revenue, with overseas projects accounting for the remaining 8%.

At the current share price of ₹ 45.4, the dividend yield turns out to be 5.19%.

Market Cap₹ 3,498.72 Cr.
Sales Growth-100%


Indian housing and urban development projects are financed by Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) Limited. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is the company’s legal owner. Over 89.81% of the corporation is owned by the Indian government.

The dividend yield is 5.29% at the current share price of 41.

Market Cap₹ 7,106.75 Cr.
Sales Growth-3.94

4 – NHPC

The 1975 incorporation of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) Limited had as its goal to advance the effective growth of hydroelectric power. Later, the business diversified into using solar, tidal, wind, and geothermal energy. 74.51% of the firm is owned by the Government of India and State Governments, with the remaining shares being held by the general people. The corporation operates 24 power plants nationwide.

The dividend yield works out to be 5.33% at the current share price of 30.

Market Cap₹ 32,194.34 Cr.
Sales Growth-2.62%


The RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group is the owner of Calcutta Energy Supply Corporation (CESC) Limited. The corporation operates an embedded generation facility in addition to engaging in power distribution. Power distribution operations for the organization are distributed over West Bengal, Noida, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. The company can generate 2500 MW of electricity.

The dividend yield is 5.32% at the current share price of 84.8.

Market Cap₹ 9,557.36 Cr.
Sales Growth-11.67%

6 – Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited (IRFC)

As the Indian railways’ sole borrowing arm, Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited was founded in 1986. It is an NBFC that the RBI has registered. This NBFC’s zero non-performing assets are remarkable because it only lends to the Government of India (GOI). The business generates a 14% return on equity. IRFC Limited’s loan book currently stands at 3.8 lakh crores, however by 2025 that amount might rise to 8 lakh crores. 86% of the corporation is owned by the government. As investments in railway infrastructure increase over the next five years, the company can maintain double-digit book growth.

The dividend yield at the stock’s current price of 23.

Market Cap₹ 26,137.01 Cr.
Sales Growth17.51

7 – Rail Vikash Nigam Limited (RVNL)


In January 2003, Rail Vikas Nigam Limited was established as a public sector project. The firm was established with the intention of carrying out projects related to the development and capacity expansion of rail infrastructure and obtaining additional budgetary funds for SPV projects. After the government sold its 12.16 percent ownership through an initial public offering (IPO), the company was listed on stock exchanges. 7000 crores are the market capitalization of the company.

The dividend yield is 4.43% at the stock’s current price of 35.7.

Market Cap₹ 6,390.59 Cr.
Sales Growth6.01%

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