Beginners Guide to Creating a blog in 2023

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I have been blogging since early 2017 and I have learned a lot from blogging. So, in this guide i explained How to start a blog in 2023

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I started my blogging journey when I was in college days.

I always used to find on the internet that how can I earn pocket money for my self.

I visited a lot of websites and some websites suggested PPC websites
in which we click on ads and those websites pay per click basis but the pay was really less. 
Then I visited some more sites and I got to know about blogging. which I can start within 20 minutes.
I did a lot of research before starting the blogging to find the right information to start a blog.
That is why I created this free step-by-step guide to create a blog for free
/ How to start a blog in 2023 to let beginners learn how to create a blog with ease.
People think creating a blog is a very difficult thing but it not if you have proper guidance.
I have covered all the steps/information to start a new blog which beginners should know.

How to easily start a blog in 9 steps

Step 1: Select a perfect Niche/Topic for your blog.

Step 2: Select a blogging platform.

Step 3: Pick a niche relevant domain name.

Step 4: Get good web hosting.

Step 5: Starting a blog on WordPress. 

Step 6: Launch your WordPress blog

Step 7: Select the best theme relevant to your niche.

Step 8: Write content on blog and market/promote it.

Step 9: Earn Money with it.

Why you should start a blog in 2023?

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Do you want to build your own audience? Do you want to sell your own products?Do you want to sell other businesses products ?

do you want to build your own community for a cause ? do you want to explain guide the people how to do particular tasks?

Do you want to educate people with your knowledge?
Yes, a blog can help you sell, promote, educate and inform or influence people.

Personally, blogging will help you to establish expertise in a particular topic.

Along with self-enhancement, you can make money with the blogs. 
Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money using blogs.

You can sell your products and merchandise online and you can also place google ads on your blog which will help you to generate revenue on CPC ( Click per cost) basis.

Step 1: Select a Niche/Topic for your blog 

Choosing a niche is very important for a blog. You have to do proper research before start working on your blog. 

You have to figure out how you can make your blog profitable and who will be your ideal readers. 

Niche is the topic of your blog on which you will be writing on your blogs. 
Most of the niche blogs contain advertisements, affiliate links, etc.
This is how they become profitable. 
How to start blogging in 2023

Choosing the correct niche 

While choosing a Niche you should be very attentive, so pick the one for which you are passionate about and most interested. 

So if you are choosing a niche related to your interest then you will be able to differentiate from other bloggers as you can also give/share your personal experiences and knowledge, which will attract more audiences towards you.

Step 2: Selecting a blogging platform

Now, here you should look for your niche related top blogs and try to analyze which blog management platform they are using and determine which type of blog tool you want to use.

I recommend that you should go for a self-hosted blog set up, which I’ll guide you in this guide. 

Free Blogging Platforms 

There are a lot of free blogging platforms available out there like Blogger,, and Tumblr But if you host your blog on any free hosted bloggers then you won’t grow much because they all might be having their own rules and regulations and they can even place their own ads on your blog and can limit/prohibit as well. 

Self Hosted Platforms(Recommended)

Self-hosted platforms are open-source applications that function independently on web hosting.

In these web hosting, you don’t have to follow any rules regulations, you will be fully in charge of your content.

There are a lot of options available for CMS (Content management systems) The most popular one is

WordPress is called self-hosted because you will use your web hosting to install WordPress on it.

WordPress can be installed on hostings as it is an open-source CMS. Now to create a WordPress blog your first should be buying a relevant domain name and web hosting.

Niche relevant domain names will contain your niche word in your domain name. It will help your blog to reach a relevant audience.

If you are a new blogger then, you should try using Bluehost or Hostgator.Here is a special deal for my visitors : 

BlueHost Web Hosting at $3.95

Step 3: Pick a Domain name

A domain name is the unique identity of your blog. Your blog will be known over the internet using the domain name. The domain name could be anything related to your niche.

If your blog niche is “Yoga” then your domain could look like “”. 

If your domain is popular then the user can directly put your domain address in the URL section of the browser to visit your blog.

You can buy a dot com domain if your blog is not restricted to any country/type of content because the dot com domain is the most popular domain. 

There are many domain websites from you can buy a domain name. You will be the owner of your domain as-log-as you pay the yearly fee (10$-15$) of it. 

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Step 4: Get a web hosting 

After selecting your blog’s domain, you should select a good web hosting which is the most important decision of creating a blog.

This web hosting will be responsible for your blog’s performance, functionality and user’s readability. This is the place where our blog’s files stay and it will keep our blog 24/7 up.

You should select the best hosting provider because if you buy hosting from a less reputed company can cause a very big loss.

Based on my survey, Bluehost is a reliable service provider and 99% of the blogging master suggests Bluehost.


Step 5: Starting a blog on WordPress

In this step, I will tell you how you can sign up on Bluehost and how you will set up your web hosting for WordPress. Please follow the below screenshots.

BlueHost sells three types of hosting: 

  1. Shared Hosting – Basic plan for individuals
  2. VPS hosting – Large website powerful features
  3. Dedicated hosting – Extreme power and server response

 Open Bluehost website

Use This link to visit Bluehost. Click on get started now.

Best Hosting for wordpress

Select your hosting plan

Best Hosting for wordpress
How to start blogging in 2023

Input your blogs domain name 

Best Hosting domain for wordpress
How to start blogging in 2023

Register for Bluehost

Best Hosting for wordpress

How to start blogging in 2023

Select your hosting option 

Best Hosting for wordpress

You can uncheck the services which you don’t want. 

Step 6: Launch your WordPress blog with Bluehost

Finally, you are almost there. Once your hosting and domain are connected then we can install the WordPress on your hosting. Open the Cpanel of your Bluehost
Webhosting and find My Sites section and click on install WordPress. This one-click will install and setup WordPress CMS.  

Best Hosting for wordpress
How to start blogging in 2023

Now, if you visit your site’s URL then it will show “coming soon” page because your site hasn’t gone live yet. To make your site live you have design and setup your site properly.

Once this is done click on  “Launch” in CPanel. 

Step 7: Select Right Theme

After getting inside your Bluehost Cpanel now you are able to select the default theme provided by Bluehost and you can always select some other theme from WordPress repository anytime.

Applying theme on bluehost

After selecting your theme and applying it to your blog, it is ready to log in to the WordPress dashboard.

Theme applied on bluehost hosting

Once you complete applying your theme, you will be prompted with a welcome message by Bluehost and Bluehost will guide you to start your first blog or you can always select which type of blog you want to start.

setting up website

Click on the Bluehost button and you will see a lot of tools that can help you to do daily blogging. You can click on the launch button and you will be seen online within minutes.

Bluehost Cpanel

When you click on the launch button, you will see the most important columns to be filled for your site/blog. Column is site title and description which will help out visitors to understand what this blog/site is all about. 

Sitelaunch blog

Cheers! You have just learned how to create a blog. Now you can start learning how to write content and publish it.

Step 8: Write content on blog and market/promote it.

Now you blog is ready. So far you have selected your domain, hosting and installed WordPress on it.

Now the real challenge begins of writing the blogs. You must learn how to write a blog so efficiently.

Whatever you are going to write on your blog is called content, which is called content. Content should be valuable for the visitors so that they can come back to your blog back and will refer it to their known people and social media.

Your Content Must include 3 things :
Your content should speak about something to a specific audience and it should be valuable to the visitors.
2. Your content should be written properly and in an attractive way.
3. Your vlog should not full of distraction like pop up ads etc as it will make your visitors leave your blog.

Your Blog must include these 4 pages :
1. About us : this page will tell everything about the blog, what this blog is all about, why are you writing this blog and what is motivation behind it.

2. Contact us: contact us page is also a very important page for a blog.
Visitors and business might be checking this page if they have any business
inquiries or any issue with content. So you should add your proper contact information or a contact form. So, later you can contact them.

3. Navigation bar: Your blog should have a navigation bar. Navigation bars are used to categorize the posts which is very important to get indexed on google.

4. SEO Meta tags:  you have to prepare content for SEO titles and description tags for
each page.

How to promote blog content?
When your blog is new and no one knows about it. To bring people to your blog and to aware people about your blog details you have to promote your blog. 

There are a lot of ways to promote your blog, I have listed some of them below

1. Submit your blog to search engine tool “Search console”. It will help your blog to index on google immediately.

2. Be active on your niche and regularly post on your blog. It will create trust on google that you are active and providing some useful information.

3. Share your posts on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and quora. Google loves if your content is shared on social media.

4. Comment on other related blog posts and try creating good relationships with big bloggers with the same niche. They could help you by introducing you to their audience.

5. Start building your mailing list if people are interested in your content. It will be beneficial for both of you. People will get useful information to read and you will get traffic.

6. Last and most used it paid traffic. You can use paid traffic also to bring people to your blog.

Step 9: How to make money with blogs :  

Finally, the most important part, how to make money with your blog.
There are many ways out there to make money with your blog.
I have listed Some of the most trusted are sources :

1. Google Adsense program: This is the most popular source of earning for bloggers. Google Adsense provides us ads that we can put on our blog and can earn with it. There are a lot of different programs as well like and InMobi.

2. Enrolling in affiliation program: Affiliate programs are like partnering with big brands. We will be selling their products through our blogs and in return, they will be paying us commission of selling their product. The commission could be like 5%-90%. It purely depends on the seller and products.

3. Products and services: if you have your own products and services then you can write about them and promote them to generate the leads.

4. Sponsored posts: if your blog grows in some time and it has a good amount of traffic and conversion rate. Then other bloggers or people can come to you to write a sponsored post.

ConclusionCheers!! You have learned how to start a blog, how to write on it and how to make money out of it.You can check out our other posts which can help you to grow your blogging career. 
Thanks 🙂   

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